Why to ‘pop’ a cork yoga mat into your practice!

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I’m sure you have seen cork yoga mats popping up in your local yoga studio, they are definitely gaining popularity with fellow yogi’s. So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, Cork is a seriously cool and underestimated material.

Not convinced? Well here are just a few reasons why cork, my friend, is a game changer….

First let’s talk go over a bit of yoga mat history…… why do you yogi’s use a yoga mat? do we really need one?

The belief around the yogi mat is to separate you from the ground, so all the excess energy you create in your physical yoga practice can be channelled in meditation from your mat.

This is why it is important to practice on your yoga mat otherwise this energy is lost into the earth.

Yogi’s have always used some kind of yoga mat, not like we have today they have been know used natural materials like grass or leaves.

We think our natural eco-friendly yoga mats are perfect for your yoga practice our cork mats all made from 100% natural and biodegradable materials helping you feel closer to the ancient yogic tradition’s.

Woman lying on top of a Cork Yoga Mat from With Every Atom

Cork Yoga Mat

If that’s not enough here are some more great reasons, we love cork mats….

  1. Cork is super eco-friendly and sustainable.
    Cork is made from the bark of a tree. The bark is stripped from the tree and naturally regrows there are no cutting down trees in the process which makes it an ideal renewable resource. With every atom’s cork yoga mat has a cork upper and natural rubber base which is completely 100% biodegradable.
  2. A cork yoga mat = high performance.
    Looking after our beautiful planet is very important but if you have a great looking eco-friendly mat and it just isn’t ticking all the yoga practice boxes then you won’t use it! So here is some great news, it works! It really works! Yay! Cork is extremely durable and offers a lot of traction wet or dry. Whether or not your practice or you are a sweaty one, it has the grippiest of grips. It also offers a cushion between you and the floor. So, if you want to chill in yin or sweat in Ashtanga, Bikram or a Vinyasa class this mat will quickly become your new companion.
  3. Cork is Antimicrobial.
    Yes, it’s true! It naturally antimicrobial, so this means that it helps to repel mould and mildew away. This helps it cut down drastically the number of bacteria living on your yoga mat, gross but true……

Cork yoga mats really are a yogi’s best friend eco-friendly, lightweight with antimicrobial qualities that actually work in your yoga practice. They also look rather beautiful. It’s the perfect companion for those yogi’s that want to live a yogic natural life.

Namaste x

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