With Every Atom. X Rock Beam Yoga…..read on for the latest :)

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We are super excited to be partnering with Rock Beam Yoga!

With Every Atom is sponsoring all of Rock beam’s yoga courses, classes, events and 1-1s moving forwards with our beautiful eco-friendly and 100% sustainable mats!
cork yoga mat
On top of practising with one of the most luxurious, stylish and 100% biodegradable mats out there for the duration of your Rock Beam Yoga course / class with us, we are also offering you the chance to purchase your mat with a generous discount after your course of class closes. 
With Every Atom is offering every student of Rock Beam Yoga the chance to purchase their mats at the end of their courses with a whopping 30% discount! The normal RRP for the Cork mat is £75, but with your discount you can take your mat away at the end of your class / course for just £53!
If you want to purchase a brand new mat, we are also offering you a 10% discount from any of our mats. Check out https://witheveryatom.com/ for more info
Rock Beam Yoga provides unique yoga classes across the Cotswolds with a universal twist, including private events, 1-1 tuition for all levels of yogi’s! We bring a brand new, illuminating experience to your yoga practice. Yoga inspired from India, infused with Reiki and crystal healing. Choose the perfect gem from our crystal treasure chest to suit your mood and personal needs on the day. Simply place on your mat to enhance your practice. We send out nurturing healing beams of Master level Reiki at the beginning and end of practice to rejuvenate and restore your equilibrium before asana practice. We offer a heady fusion of healing rocks and Reiki, nurturing yoga asanas to awaken your chakras, including Sage, Palo Santo, gorgeous organic chakra oils and balms from distant shores, Indian incense and energising beams of universal life force energy to bring you back into balance, naturally.
photo of yoga lady
The Cork mat from With Every Atom is great for use in all types of Yoga including Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha also great for Pilates or any other type of floor exercises. This yoga mat is eco-friendly made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced premium cork and high-density tree rubber. No trees were cut down to make these mats. The cork is 100% biodegradable and comes from a plant that is rapidly renewable and sustainably collected. The natural rubber is also biodegradable. They are also fantastic for providing grip, durability and comfort during your practice.
yogi on cork yoga mat
For more information or to book onto the latest courses from Rock Beam Yoga please visit:https://www.yinyangtherapies.com/browse-book-online and search for Yoga Courses.
Look out for more exciting announcements soon,
Peace & Love,
Nina & Amber x

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