Slow down and reflect a perfect time for YIN? M A D E L E I N E tells us why she thinks so…..Enjoy this perfect playlist.

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And all of a sudden the clocks have changed.

The seasons have shifted.

The busyness and abundance of energy that comes from the summer sun seems to have settled into crisp autumn mornings with crunchy colourful leaves underfoot.


This time of year, for me, brings the opportunity for reflection and recovery from an often adventure fuelled summer. The cooler weather and darker evenings encourage us to relight our favourite candles, unroll our mats, slow down, tune in and flow through the transition from autumn to winter.


In alignment with this I have found my practice to slow, craving the long held postures of Yin yoga. It is a chance to sit in stillness, strengthen patience and restore balance.


If you’ve never tried Yin before each posture is held for three to five minutes allowing you the time and space to release stress within the body and mind. Holding a pose for several minutes seems like an easy concept but after a few moments we start to feel a little uncomfortable. Thoughts, feelings and muscle tension that have built up within our body begin to surface. It is here we have the choice to change our focus and re approach the moment with tenderness allowing us to surrender into the space we have created.


 So what happens next?


From this point we are able to begin diaphragmatic, or belly, breathing. A powerful tool that allows us to access the parasympathetic nervous system leading to reduction in stress, tension, blood pressure and many more benefits to the body. With the majority of our days spent in sympathetic overdrive, belly breathing becomes a form of meditation that naturally happens within Yin yoga allowing us to feel a deep wave of relaxation.


Yin not only creates a deeply meditative space it also revitalises our body tissue and restores a deeper range of movement to our muscles. With each posture held we are encouraging mobility, hydration and increased strength throughout the body.


Most importantly Yin teaches us balance, self awareness and gives us the opportunity to let daily deadlines and mindless chatter fade away. Creating this space within our practice and daily life teaches us to be gentle, patient and to surrender with what is.


This months collection of tracks is a mix of atmospheric sounds to guide you through your flow.


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Until then..

Babe, don’t walk. Boogie



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