Is now the perfect time to start yoga?

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Along with 20% of the rest of the world you may currently be in lock down due to Covid-19. You’ve been working from home, cleaning those door handles & light switches, helping the kids with school work & you’ve watched every box set on Netflix. 

You might be feeling lethargic, stiff, experiencing some aches & pains from sitting for long periods in the house, hunched over a laptop or lounging on the sofa. 

Maybe your mental health is suffering, anxious about the uncertainty of the situation we’re in, or stress arising from a constantly full household demanding your attention, whilst your boss is setting up 10 Zoom meetings a day. 

Whether you’re facing any of the above issues, you’re just bored or want to do something to keep active, now could be the perfect time for you to explore a yoga practice. 

You may have considered it before but didn’t feel confident attending a group class, didn’t have time or maybe yoga just hasn’t been on your radar until Julie in the Co-op mentioned she’d been going to classes & it cured her sciatica that had been a literal pain in her arse for weeks! 


Now you have time. You can do it from the comfort of your home so you don’t need to worry about insecurities & you will feel physically & mentally better for it! 


But what is yoga? 

The physical aspect of yoga mobilises the muscles & joints in the body. It creates strength, stability & flexibility. It can help alleviate aches & pains, prevent or help correct postural issues & the low impact styles of yoga are appropriate for many health conditions whereby other forms of exercise are not. 


Breathing practices, meditation & linking breath with movement to create a mindful practice allows us to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest & digest mode) bringing us into the present, creating a sense of calm. As Thich Nhat Hanh says ‘Peace can exist only in the present moment’.


There are many different styles of yoga, so research to see which would be most suitable for you. If you want something energising & dynamic you may go for ashtanga or a vinyasa class. If you want something more static you may go for hatha & if you want something slow that gets deep into the muscles & joints you may want to try a yin class. 


So how do you go about starting a yoga practice when you can’t leave your home?

1 word – online. 

If you want routine & a sense of community to your class then your best bet is to find a live stream class. This is usually done through Skype or Zoom (which you’ll need to download). These classes are to a set timetable each week & the teacher can see you so can support you through the postures where necessary. You will probably need to pay for these classes but you’re getting a similar level of service as you would in a studio or gym so it’s worth it. 

If you want to be able to practice at your leisure then Youtube has many free online classes, alternatively there are many apps such as Downdog that you can sign up for & pay monthly

written by Sally Podzemny Yoga teacher


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