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Me and my family and yes we are all ginger! ☺

Hi! I’m Amber, founder of With Every Atom, thanks for taking timeout to discover my new brand. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what inspired me.

My first passion was always costume, and I was lucky to work within the film and television industry designing and creating weird and wonderful things, which I loved. However, I suffer from acute anxiety which made it extremely difficult for me to continue in my exciting but highly stressful career, so I made the tough decision to give it all up…. But I needed a new passion!

As you may know when you suffer from anxiety, there is always someone who says to you, ‘you know what you should try?… Yoga’, you say, ‘that’s a great idea’ and smile, but secretly think how is twisting myself into a human pretzel really going to help me? Besides, I was so anxious I didn’t think I could make it to my first class!

Fast forward four years, and I did manage to get to that first lesson and have never looked back. It has helped me so much as a person and has become an intrinsic part of my life. I wish I’d listened to my friends earlier!

The things that make me happy now are art, music, my family, friends and of course yoga! Also, being lucky enough to live on our amazingly amazing planet! I wanted to bring these things together in a new project. When I started, I was lucky enough to live in the beautiful Cotswolds in the UK and now find myself in Varese, Italy. Equally beautiful and also a little haven for Yoga! Yay!

My brand wants to help keep you and our beautiful world healthy by creating eco-friendly and design inspired yoga mats. Mats for any type of yoga you practice, be it hot or yin, we have the perfect mat to support your needs.

It’s important that we are as sustainable and ethically responsible as possible as a brand and we constantly want to improve to that end.

I hope you love our mats as much as I loved creating them! Any feedback is always welcome as we are a new brand and are wanting to learn and improve in everything we do, to help you and the planet.


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