Suiren Yoga Mat

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  • Dimensions: W 68cm x L 183cm x D 4mm
  • Weight approx: 2.5kg
  • This fabulous all-in-one yoga mat and towel with anti-slip technology has an ultra-absorbent microfibre suede surface that wicks away moisture and gets grippier the sweatier you get. Perfect for all those hot and sweaty workouts!
  • With a fully biodegradable base made from 100% natural rubber, this mat is heat-sealed and uses eco-friendly, water-based inks, ensuring it’s toxin-free.
  • With a selection of eye-catching, fashion-inspired designs, not only does this yoga mat feel luxurious to the touch it will also give you serious style credentials in the studio! 
  • Hygienic, odour free and durable, it’s also extra-long and wide, ensuring you have lots of room for your practice.
  • To clean: Hand wash with a small amount of soap and water, hang to air dry.
  • Tip: spray water on your mat for maximum grip from the moment you step on your mat and begin practice.

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Suiren Yoga Mat

The suiren is named after the suiren lotus. It has been a spiritual symbol in the east for thousands of years it symbolically represents being fully grounded in earth, yet aspiring towards the divine.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 183 × 68 × 0.04 cm

4 reviews for Suiren Yoga Mat

  1. Ella Bennett-Hambling

    I have just purchased this microfiber mat – it makes such a difference having the all in one system. No slipping towels. I sweat a lot when doing hot yoga (who doesn’t) and it definitely grips better than any other mat I have tried. Love the designs it was really hard to choose one, they are all so beautiful. Using this mat has definitely enhanced my practice – thank you With Every Atom.

  2. Linda Adams

    Love my mat. Purchased at the launch and I have used it every day at my hot yoga session. It’s slides beautifully. Well worth it. Had a popular brand before but really love this one.

  3. Helen Grozzer

    Simply love my mat! Looks groovy, it’s grippy and enough thickness to stop knee pain! Brilliant!

  4. Kate (verified owner)

    I have purchased Suiren Yoga Mat when I started my YTT200 and I must say that it has taken my practice to a whole new level. The grip is great, my palms get quite sweaty during Vinyasa Yoga but thanks to this mat Downward Facing Dog has really become a “resting pose”. The mat has been produced in an eco-friendly way, which is a great plus. On top of all, the design is original and so nice. I highly recommend this mat :).

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